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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 26, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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pictures and get them excited abouamerican history. >> sean: great to see you again. thanks for being with us. we'll see you on "fox & friends" tomorrow. that's all the time we have let this evening. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. donald trump is back and he had a big shot visitor. is it the star power that atracts the visitors? a few hours ago another republican candidate for president makes the pilgrimage to trump towers. donald is here to tell you all about it. plus something sinister is going on hay up a high up at the juste department and they're dodging his question. he will go on the record to tell you what he's uncovered. but first, the robbie dangerfield of republican politics not getting any respect from the establis establishment?
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that's what herman cain has called himself. his view must have changed this view when the florida straw poll voters showed mr. herman cain respect, big time respect. in the straw poll in florida over the weekend, mr. herman cain clobbered the gop frontrunners, governor rick perry and former governor mitt romney. mr. cain is here. good evening, sir. >> hello, greta. thank you. happy to be with you. >> it's always more fun to win, isn't it? >> it's a lot more fun to win, especially when the people are sending two distinct messages from the florida straw poll. number one, the voice of the people is stronger than the voice of the media. you know that the mainstream media is trying to make the republican nomination into a two-person race, or like last august, they want to basically turn it into the favor of the week. the second message is smej more powerful -- message is more powerful than money. my opponents spent a
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considerable amount of money trying to influence the outcome of the straw poll. i represented a bus and traveled around the state, talked to people, held rallies and shared my common sense simple message about what we need to do to fix things, especially the economy, and the whole 9-9-9 solution is resonating with people. >> i have two areas of questions. first of all, i want to congratulate you. i must point out that the two former frontrunners, at least in other states, governor rick perry and governor romney had a combined 29% and you clobbered them with 37%. you beat both frontrunners combined. that's certainly notable. my first two questions. strategy and foreign policy. as the only professional businessman, ceo in the race except governor romney was a businessman and then became governor, and as the only african-american in the race, answer these questions. does president obama have the union vote tied up, and does he
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have the african-american vote tied up? tell me. tied up or not? >> he does not have all of the union rank-and-file tied up. he might have the leadership tied up. when i was in florida last week, greta, some union members came up to me and said obama does not have all of us, and that's a direct quote. i can't measure that, but i do believe that some of them are going to go against that leadership. now, the african-american vote i am confident based upon black people that ar i run into, black people that used to call my radio show, black people that have signed up on my website to support me. i believe, quite frankly, that my campaign, i will garner a minimum of a third of the black vote in this country and possibly more, especially after what the president did recently when he was addressing the black caucus. that didn't go over well with a lot of people in this country. my message is resonating, not
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because of my color but because the message is simple, and it's sticking to the american people in terms of actually making a difference. >> all right. it's hard to bust through loyalty, and the unions have always by loyal to the democratic party. what specifically peels off the union vote to you, and with the african-american vote, they've been very proud of president obama becoming the first african-american president. how are you going to peel off those votes? shthey have great pride in havig him president. tell me your message to reach both those groups. >> i think they're over the first african-american president thing. i think that is behind them. here's what's going to do it, greta. growing this economy. growing this economy is what's foremost in the minds of black americans, hispanic americans, all americans. the fact that my plan residue naitsresonates,the fact if we bs national economy, we're going to help the state economy. that's going to help the local
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economy, and that will help the household economy. because the unemployment rate for black people is nearly 17% instead of 9%, they're looking for something to boost the economy and they see the possibility in my 9-9-9 plan. that's what's going to peel off the black vote, results, not rhetoric. >> let's turn to foreign policy. mexico is right next door, everybody knows that. an enormous amount of violence. hillary clinton sai was rebuked. if you become president, is there anything you'll do differently about the drug cartels and the violence from a humanitarian standpoint as well as from a national security standpoint for us? >> let's start with the national security standpoint. i am going to secure the border for real. that's step one. i don't know why previous administrations including this one as well as the bush administration didn't get serious about securing the
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border. maybe they didn't want to offend our neighbor. i'm not concerned about offending them. i'm more concerned about protecting americans. secondly, yes. i can't worry about humanitarian reasons inside mexico right now until we make sure that we deal with what's happening in this country and what's leaving this country. you've heard about some of the scandals in terms of weapons, you know, that were going from the united states that ended up in the hands of the drug cartels. we've got to get serious about defending the borders and defending our laws in the united states first. those are our two top priorities. then i'll deal with humanitarian issues that might be happening in mexico. >> mr. cain, thanks for joining us. there are a lot of issues. i hope you'll come back. it's going to be a long race. >> it's a marathon, greta. thanks for having me on. >> indeed it is. thank you, sir. okay. donald trump is sure one of the a kind, isn't he? the guy all g.o.p. presidential candidates want to talk to.
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a few hours ago his latest visitor, governor mitt romney, making the pilgrimage to trump tower to speak with donald trump. of course, we spoke with donald. >> nice to talk to you. >> hi, greta. >> so donald, another pilgrimage to donald trump today, governor mitt romney. so tell me. what struck you most by your meeting with mitt romney. >> well, i think we both enjoyed ourselves. i didn't know him. i met him once or twice briefly, but we sort of had a great time. i mean, we discussed lots of big issues, intersection internatio, lots of issues, the fact that the world is ripping off this country like never before. i mean, it's never happened to this extent. probably happened before, but never to this extent. he's a believer in that. he believes they are, in fact, just ripping us left and right. we had a good conversation that lasted for quite some time. >> all right. you're a billionaire, he's a millionaire. did you feel sorry for him at
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all? >> no, i didn't feel sorry for him. he did very well in the debate. i was in australia and i came home and watched the debate, and i thought he did very well in the debate, and you know, he comports himself very nicely. >> you know, there's no secret, donald, at least i believe this. i believe each one of them wants your endorsement. some of them dance around it, and some are blunter and say donald, will you endorse me. i'm curious. did that come up with governor romney? >> i think it comes up with all of the candidates that have come up. frank lyrics i understand it. i don't think it's the way i say it. it's what i say. i am very, very strong on the notion that we can never be great unless we do something with opec. we can never have that great economy. every time it gets good they suck the blood out of us by
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raising oil prices. nobody does a thing about it. i don't think we even make a phone call. we don't call them, talk to them, or meet with them. they do whatever they want. they wouldn't be there except for us. the other is china. what they're doing to us is just unbelievable how they're getting away with murder, and i must tell you that governor romney very much agrees with me on those points, and i mean, very strongly agrees with me. so do some of the other candidates. i think maybe governor romney is the strongest on that, although as you know, i met with governor perry and he also feels that we're a whipping post for the rest of the world. i just think it's very important because if they don't understand that, greta, i would have just no interest in supporting anybody. i understand what's going wrong with this country. you know, even with the republican debates, the disappointing thing is this is never brought up. they say what about jobs? well, we want education, we want
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to educate our people. they don't say that china's sucking the jobs out of this country and manufacturing our product and you know, i mean, what china's doing to us is unbelievable. and they're manipulating the currency which means i -- which makes it very hard for our country to compete. i just feel this country cannot be great again until we negotiate hard, tough, really tough and get back a lot of the money that's been squandered. china this year will make $350 billion on the united states. i used to tell you 300, but free-throw00 is no300is too low. >> your office is beautiful, it's wonderful to visit. you're engaging to talk to. i believe these candidates are making that pilgrimage to you because of the e word. they want your endorsement. i can't imagine they don't come out and say to you donald, will you endorse me or what do i have to do? i can't imagine that doesn't come up.
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>> you know, the funny thing, they don't want my money because they're not asking for money. they're asking for something more important, and again, i represent a large group of many millions of people. you look on my web sites and you're looking at millions and millions of people because they agree with what i'm saying about other countries. >> do these candidates asking? i'm curious about the behind the scenes. are they as overt to say to you, donald, will you support me? will you endorse me? do they do that? >> different people say different things. specifically i don't want to get into that. i think they would like to have my endorsement because i represent a tremendous number of millions of people, and they're tired of seeing what's happening to this country. they're tired of seeing the people that make these trade deals and it's just destroying us. it's sucking the wealth out of our country. the word wealth isn't necessarily a nice word. if we don't have a wealthy country we can't take care of
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medicaid and medicare and social security. we're rebuilding china and other countries, but we can't build our own. i just got back from australia, and sydney and melbourne, these aren't oil cities, but it's a wealthy country. these aren't oil cities. you have to see how nice, no pot holes, beautiful guard rails, everything in beautiful shape. their bridges are immack clat. our country is falling apart. >> the goal is to get the country back together. each person who makes a pilgrimage to you. i think herman cain is doing it on monday because it's on his twitter account. each person that comes to you, there must be more for you to talk about. do you give them advice? for instance, did you give advice to governor romney about his performance at the debate vis-a-vis for instance governor perry or what he needs to do to reach tout american people? do you give advice or do they talk? >> i told him he did a good job
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at the debate. it was pretty obvious to anybody who saw the debate. i think he was complimented by that. he did a good job. they do ask my advice. they ask. i'm somebody that understands. i do understand the world. i do understand what's happening to our country. i deal with, and i'm very international. i have many, many people i deal with including china. i deal with china all the niem business. i understand the chinese. they're getting away with murder. they tell me they're getting away with murder. they tell me they can't believe they're getting away with the kind of things they're doing. i let the different candidates know this. some of them think it's very important. some of them possibly don't. certainly to my face they all think it's very important. i think it's vital. our wealth is being zapped out of this country. we're being -- nobody even knows about it. the saddest part about the republican debates is we don't even talk about this.
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>> do you think, i mean, obviously it's no coincidence that the dnc today put out a video ad where they have you and governor romney and they have you at the end saying you're fired. what's your reaction? are you flattered, amused, annoyed? >> i thought it was amateur hour. i thought the ad was very bad. i thought it was an ad that wasn't very effective. i jokingly said i'm veried the ad because they used plane that was not nearly as nice as the plane. the press will say they're unhappy about the plane they portrayed. the fact i thought it was a very ineffective ad. we need a competitive america. we don't have a competitive country any longer. it's not competitive. even our countries are cowtowing to china. we're giving them our trade secrets and patents and so many
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things we would have never even thought of ten years ago. you do business in china, they want all of your rights. they want everything. they want all of your intellectual property rights. things nobody would have even thought about asking for. you do business with china, they want you to open a plant in china to manufacture the equipment. we don't want if -- if it's made in the united states. it's terrible, and they get away with it. >> what do you think president obama's policy or thinking is towards china? >> well, i don't think he has a policy. he's extremely nice to china. he is -- and they don't respect that. they respect strength. i understand china very well. it respects and they respect strength. we don't have a policy toward china other than be very nice to them and hold state dinners when the president comes to town. you know, i always told you i would never have a state dinner for somebody that is our economic enemy. they're not our enemy yet in the sense of beyond economics, but economics is the ball game.
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they're sapping the lifeblood out of this country. they are just ripping the life blood from the united states, and we hold dinners, and we have am basambassadors that say how wonderful and great they are, what a great group of friends. i looked at your recent ambassador, your most recent ambassador, your current ambassador saying the other day, talking about china and how they would love to see america get more jobs and they want to see america get healthy. i'm saying to myself it's just the opposite. he doesn't know what he is talking about. i understand because i dealt with gary lock, and believe me, he did nothing for me. nothing. he has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to china. i watched his statements last week, and it was really laughable. >> do you think that the complement of people running for office and seeking the republican nomination, do you think there will be more jump
10:17 pm
nooght field or is it your -- jumping into the field or does the nation have the field of candidates? >> i think you have the republican candidates. chris christie is a very good friend of mine. i don't see him running. i don't think he's going to run. >> how about donald trump? >> look. if i were unhappy with the candidate chosen which is possible, if i see somebody that is just not going to win, is not going to straighten out this country, and if the economy continues to be bad which i think it will because we have incompetent leadership, i would certainly consider it, but we have a long way to go. that would be as an independent. we have a long way to go before that happens. >> anybody wow you yet? you thought that was the greatest nominee i ever saw in my life? >> well, i don't want to say that because i think it's too early. i will tell you that i met with rick perry. i really liked him a lot. i thought it was a terrific guy. today i met with mitt romney. absolutely very impressive. i mean, we had some good
10:18 pm
discussion. very different people, and i don't want to get into it. they're very different people. i was very impressed today with mitt romney. as you know, with the great pizza incident, i met with sarah palin. i don't know that she's going to be running. i doubt it, but you never know what's going to happen, but i met with sarah, and we had a great time. michelle bachmann came up, and it was a very interesting meeting. i really met with them, but i'm not doing this for fun. i'm doing this because our country is in serious trouble. i've been pretty good at picking people over the years. if i'm going to endorse somebody, i want to endorse somebody that really can turn this country around, and by the way, if president obama could do a great job and would do a great job, there would be nobody happier than donald trump. nobody, greta. i would be so proud if president obama would step up and do a great job. unfortunately, the first thing he has to do is end obama care, and i have a feeling he won't be
10:19 pm
doing that. >> donald, nice talking to you. monday, mr. herman cain and maybe perhaps you'll talk to us on monday. maybe i'll come up and do the interview in your office. >> that would be fine greta. take care of yourself. >> thank you, donald. >> bye. straight ahead, wall street fat cats get a rude awakening. protesters take to the streets, fed up with greed and corruption. yes, it's getting ugly. also, someone hi up in our government -- high up in the government has to be real nervous about the government operation to flood mexico with illegal guns. tonight, a devastating piece of information surfaces from the government's own documents. the war in mexico just next door is sploagd. a newspaper employee was decapitated for posting on a social network. what did she write on that website? that's coming up. in america, we believe in a future that is better than today. since 1894, ameriprise financial has been working hard for their clients' futures. never taking a bailout. helping generations achieve dreams.
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>> greta: greed isn't good. that's the message hundreds of protesters are hollering around wall street. the protest in lower manhattan is now entering it's second week. protesters are demanding change in the financial system and it's not all peaceful protest. it turned violent over the weekend as protesters clashed with police. griff jenkins was in the middle
10:24 pm
of the protesters. >> the government continues to make excuses. >> reporter: the protest here near wall street in new york enters it's second week with almost 100 people arrested over the weekend. the movement calls itself occupy wall street. they believe in their words they're seeking to establish a conversation about an unjust financial system that favors corporations and the super rich. we found that politically people are on both sides of this. it seems to be more financial than political. talking to folks, they also intend to take this movement that you see here in new york to washington next week. >> all i want is a number. can you give me a number? >> somebody make a progressive tax rate. somebody making billions of
10:25 pm
dollars would have a higher tax rate. i'm a very poor person. i would have a tax rate of 15%. >> the declaration of independence say the people have the right to alter or abolish the government. we're here to create government that is for the people and by the people. >> the top one percent is anybody benefitting from the political system, that it's structured and rigged to their benefit. i want them to know every single day i will be here from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. eastern right here waiting for them, and if they don't want to come speak to us, i invite anyone who wishes to speak on their behalf. >> 93 people were arrested and there are five young women on a sidewalk standing there who were contained in pane, an orange plastic pen observing the protests on the sidewalk. two white shirted police officers came up and sprayed them in the face with mace.
10:26 pm
since day one police have been using violence to oppose this movement. >> greta: coming up, blistering new problems for the atf tonight. wait until you hear who paid for the illegal guns atf send to the hands of the murdering mexican cartels. senator chuck grassley goes on the record. a woman decapitated and her body dumped on the side of the road, a chilling note found next to her body meant to scare everyone, and it does. we'll tell you who she is and give you the story ahead. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are switching from tylenol to advil. here's one story. i'm sean. i switched to advil 10 months ago.
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>> greta: what in the world is going on at the justice department? did someone high up authorize the use of our taxpayer money to arm mexican drug cartels, the same cartels that have been murdering people with guns we paid for? it sounds impossible. hang onto your seat. here's senator chuck grassley going on the record. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> yeah. glad to be with you, greta. >> greta: senator, we've been talking about the fast and furious operation. i understand there's another operation the senate is looking at, is that correct? >> yes. it's hard to distinguish between the two, but evidence has come out that the orders came down
10:31 pm
from justice that our agents were supposed to take taxpayers money, buy guns that shouldn't have been sold, get them to the underworld. the sale was made to the underworld. it happens to be that in this particular case, the federal government made a little bit of money, but that's not the main issue. the main issue is that you would think they would arrest the people that bought them illegally. no. they were told to just follow the guns. they followed the guns to a storehouse. they would not have 24-hour surveillance except for one of the agents decided to stay there six days, and i don't know when, but anyway, a truck came along to load up the guns. they called for help to arrest them in the process of transferring the guns, but they wouldn't send anybody to arrest them, so the guns got over -- got some place, maybe over the border, and they were never
10:32 pm
traced which was the purpose of the operation in the first place. >> greta: now, the first question i have when i was looking through all these materials, and i've got copies of documents. there's one letter from the justice department dated february 4th of this year in which it says at the outset, the allegation described in jury january 27th letter, senator, that the atf sanctioned or otherwise knowingly allowed the sale of assault weapons to a straw purchaser who transferred them to mexico is false. is that a false statement from the department of justice? >> it is a false statement from the department of justice. they knew about this. i made reference to this in my first letter as they indicated, and the order came directly to an atf agent to make the sale. he had the money to make the sale. he bought the guns. he transferred them to another person of the underworld. that other person actually paid for for thmore for the guns thae
10:33 pm
taxpayers paid to buy the guns in the first place, and then they went to a storehouse, so the -- so everything else, as i said, which means the justice department is misleading in their answer to me. >> greta: you say misleading. is that just a polite way to say they're lying? let me read on in the letter. i actually have the documents. it goes on in the letter saying this. i also want to assure you, meaning you, sir, that the atf has made no attempt to retaliate against any of its agents regarding the matter. then i have an e-mail from a supervising atf agent which he's talking about you better be having fun and you'll go from 100,000 a year to work forgive the sheriff for 30,000 which is a way to say you better get on board or you'll be working somewhere else. is that a misleading statement by the justice department lawyer or is that a lie or is it the truth?
10:34 pm
>> it's a lie. it's a lie, and just to make things clear for your listeners, the a tf ordered this atf agent to purchase these guns and in turn sell them, and supposedly track them, but he was a lone wolf in the operation. they wouldn't give him any help for 24-hour surveillance. when there was going to be a transfer of guns, when a truck pulled up to get the guns, he asked for help, sent somebody to do the arrest. nobody came, so what was the purpose of it? you know, maybe it was just to make the a tf agent look bad. at least there's one quote from people within the office that said they wanted to dirty up the agent in a sense like you said in your letter. they were threatening him. did he want a job at the atf or a lower paying job with the sheriff? it's all -- it's all a matter of intimidation and not wanting to
10:35 pm
have anything to do with the bad judgment that was made up here in washington, dc. >> greta: which is actually two issues. one is the operation itself, but as i look through these letters, it looks like it goes right up the chain. i'm curious. two things. one is how high up in the justice department does this go? number two, is the justice department really cooperating with you when i see the letter from the assistant attorney general and they're telling lies. i don't see that as cooperation. >> not only that, since i had the agreement with the attorney general about three months ago that we would get the documents we wanted, all the documents we have are from the atf. we're requesting documents for the last two and a half months from the attorney general. we've not gotten those documents. last week we made a telephone call to jis when w justice whene going to get them. well, the computer crashed. well, did a computer crash or not? are they dragging their feet and stone walling like they do.
10:36 pm
another thing is to question the veracity of the attorney general in his agreement with me. he says if you've got any problems whatsoever with this agreement that we had that we would furnish the documents for you, just call my chief of staff. well, every time we call the chief of staff, we get down the chain of command about three positions to somebody that we deal with on a regular basis, but it's not quite cutting through the red tape that you'd expect when the attorney general promises you if you have any problems with the agreement we have between senator grassley and the attorney general, just call my chief of staff. well, call the chief of staff and it doesn't do any good. >> greta: all right. we only have about 30 seconds left. tell me. do you consider this bureaucracy and red tape or incompetent or something sinister going on at justice? >> there's something sinister going on. they're doing everything they
10:37 pm
can to avoid the issue. they want to stonewall us and string us all 5e along. i used the lever to get the agreement with the attorney general. >> greta: are you going to give up? >> no. of course we're not going to give up. working on my own as a senate investigator, working with congressman isa who will have a couple more hearings on this. we're going to keep on it until we get to the bottom of it. we'll find out who gave the approval for this fast and furious and hopefully get that person fired. secondly, we want to make sure that no stupid program like this is ever done by any bureaucracy in the federal government at all, a program that led to the murder of brian terry, a patrol agent, probably with one of the guns that was sold. >> greta: looking at the documents you have, how high are you suspicious that this went up to within justice? >> i don't know for sure, but it
10:38 pm
wouldn't surprise me if it goes to the top, and secondly, it wouldn't surprise me if somebody in the white house didn't know about it because we have three e-mails from national security people in the white house that show that they had communication with people down connected with fast and furious down in arizona. >> greta: senator, than thank y, sir. >> you bet. thank you. >> greta: here's a look at what's coming up after the show on the o'reilly factor. >> greta, is there one strong leader in america? do we have anybody out there? is it all over for michelle bachmann? her numbers are down. she'll be here on the factor >> greta: . a social network posting leads to woom bein a woman being deca. this falls under the category we've been telling the obama administration for a couple of years. a one-liner gets a presidential cabbecapped bigcandidate big la.
10:39 pm
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>> greta: a woman ca decapitated for her social network posting. ainsley earhardt is standing by with the headlines. the senate tonight passing legislation to avoid a government shutdown and ensure aid for natural disaster victims. the proposal funds the government through november 18th. the house is expected to give the bill final approval sometime this week. the agreement would also continue the uninterrupted flow of federal aid to those areas recovering from disasters. a new fiscal year begins on saturday. the un security scown p cout to convene to consider the palestinian request for statehood. the president abbas made the qft last week. he arrived bank home in the west bank yesterday. president obama told abbas that the u.s. will veto statehood for
10:44 pm
palestine. the white house favors a peace deal between the palestinians and israel. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to greta. thanks for watch. decapitated for her social network posting. the woman's headless body dumped along side of the road. the gruesome killing was a drug cartel's revenge. a chilling note left by the woman's body. they said they decapitated her because they posted on a website that tipped police to drug cartel activity. are you shocked? here's more. this isn't the first time that's happening. we're joined by phone. james, goo evening. can you please tell me a bit about this woman and what happened? >> reporter: this woman, her name is maria castro. she was the editor of a newspaper called first power in english. it wasn't for her work as a journalist that she was murdered. she was a blogger. she tried to conceal her
10:45 pm
identity. she was known as laredo girl. the note left behind with her body said that she had actually been traced by a cell phone and that they found her, so it shows very much that people who are blogging are being tracked. they're being hacked and tracked by the drug cartels. this is not the first time this has happened. on the 13th of this month, the body of a man and a woman were hanging from a bridge in the same place, and the note by the bodies said this is what happens to people who blog about drug cartel activities. the thing in common with the three murders or the two incidents is that both of the notes left by the bodies had the letter z on it which is code for the drug cartel, the most
10:46 pm
dangerous of all of the cartels in mexico. the message they're putting forward is if you blog about this, we'll kill you. >> i read this year eight journalists have been murdered in connection with drug cartels. i'm curious. we read about murders all the time. there were 35 bodies dumped on the highway recently in mexico. every time you look at the newspapers, you see that in mexico. are the journalists afraid to report on the violence? >> reporter: this violence is against mexican journalists. no international journalists have been affected yet. this violence is specifically designed to muzzlele mexican journalists. they don't want their activity reported. the word is they're on the border in the northboun northerf mexico. this is where they concentrate their intimidation. often it starts with money gunning of building -- machine
10:47 pm
gunning of buildings, and what happens after that is if the message is not received or people continue to write stories about them, then they single them out. it's not a specific person. in some cases, in many cases, it works. >> greta: why do you stay there and report on this? >> well, the thing is that we as national jumpists are not -- journalists are not in the same danger usually as the home grown reporters who people know where they live, they've grown up in the communities. these are very brave people who risk their lives every single day. a photographer a year ago was shot, nearly killed. his colleague was killed. he's returned. he's become a photographer. he's returned. he was very badly wounded. she's arwounded theseare very b.
10:48 pm
there are almost 40,000 people who have died in this war. >> greta: , james, thank you. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, is rush limbaugh angry at presidential gary johnson for stealing his joke? you'll hear the joke and rush's reaction. it may surprise you. pirin for p. with new extra-strength bayer advanc aspirin. it has microparticles, enters the bloodstream faster and rushes relief to the site of pain. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. new bayer advanced aspirin. it's clinically proven to relieve pain ice as fast. hi. i'm kristen. we're going to head on into the interview. blair...derek... what surprised you most about your new explorer? i think just the new body style.
10:49 pm
it's almost movin' in from a little house to like this mansion. who uses the navigation system the most? definitely i do. (laugh) i'm directionally impaired. reporters laugh if you guys could thank ford for one thing, what would it be? for making us the joneses. (laugh) reporters laugh
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>> greta: you've seen our top stories. here's the best of the rest. a republican presidential candidate accused of ripping off a joke from rush limbaugh happened during last week's debate. former new mexico governor gary johnson got a lots of laughs. my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel ready jobs than this current administration. >> well, governor johnson's joke brought the house down. everyone loved it, so what's the problem? well, rush limbaugh told the same joke on his radio show. was rush angry about the alleged joke theft? here's rush. >> nobody stole johnny carson jokes because everybody heard the joke. this is what i have -- i can't tell you. the huffing and puffing ton polls, i had brian maloney, the radio equalizer, i had somebody from the politico, and they thought i would be outraged.
10:53 pm
i wrote back and said no big deal. it happens every day. it happens multiple times a day, and it's been happening for 23 years. the last thing i do is get upset over stuff being swiped. i mean, it's -- it's -- it happens too frequently and it's almost impossible for it not to happen. there's so much stuff being said out there. it's almost impossible. it -- it -- it's very difficult for any other conservative out there to be considered original with me on the scene. so i cut all these people slack. i steal stuff -- they steal stuff from me all the time. do you think it's a sincere form of flattery? i don't even look at it that way. i don't think it can be avoided. >> a happy family reunion with their now famous cat turns to tears. the squires family traveled from
10:54 pm
colorado to new york city to pick up their long lost cat, willow. she disappeared five years ago. she recently turned up in manhattan and her owners were traced through willow' willow'so chip. as they posed for family pictures, their 3-year-old daughter got cap nipped. >> what do you suppose what happened? >> he's biting me. >> she's nervous. >> okay. no harm was done. anyway, former governor sarah palin may have a smoking gun, one that could be big trouble for random house and its author, joe mcginnis. a few hours ago a letter was sent t saying that she may sue over the newly released book. now palin's lawyer tells abc news that the e-mail was written by author joe mcbegi mcginnis ae
10:55 pm
e-mail proves the author new that statements in the -- knew that statements in the new book were false. governor palin will go on the record with us tomorrow night to discuss politics, but we might ask her a few questions about this. coming up, they blamed the economy's nosedive on president bush. now something else has come crashing down and the obama administration is pointing fingers again. that's next. i needed more customers, so i got my nephew to build a website. i hired someone to make my website... five months ago. we are building a website by ourselves. [ woman announcing ] there's an easier way. create your own small-business site... with intuit websites. just choose a style that suits your business, then customize, publish and get found... in three easy steps. [ bell dings ] sweet. [ announcer ] all from just $7.99 a month. get a 30-day free trial... at
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